International King of Pop Fanvention™
August 29-31 2013
Chicago, IL
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Who is appearing?

Bios of MJFanvention2011 Question and Answer Guests

Geraldine Hughes

In 1994, then secretary to attorney Barry Rothman, Geraldine Hughes watched the foul play unfold behind scenes as her boss plotted with Evan Chandler to extort money from Michael Jackson.

As similar dirt was being thrown in Michael's 2003 child molestation case, Hughes decided it was time to speak up and set the record straight once and for all.

Her 2004 book titled book Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations, aimed to clear Michael's name and give him back dignity stolen from him during these very schemes.

MJ Fanvention recently got the chance to speak with Ms. Hughes about what really happened behind closed doors in the child molestation allegations.

Fanvention: What was the motivation behind your book Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations?

Geraldine Hughes: The motivation behind writing it was to get the truth out. Not about the child molestation, but about the extortion, the scheme that led to the child molestation allegations. I worked for the attorney in '93 that set Michael Jackson up and plotted the extortion scheme. It didn't start out child molestation. It started out, Jordan Chandler, his father was trying to get $20 million from Michael so that he could make a movie. When he saw that his son was hanging out with Michael, was friends with Michael, he started trying to figure out a way to get money out of him from the very beginning. He started inviting him over to his house, trying to get him to buy a house for him so he could have a big house where he could come visit. He tried every little thing he could. Well he finally landed my attorney, came and talked to my attorney, and hired my attorney to help him not to do anything legally, but to get the money out of Michael.

So it started out where they were just trying to extort money from Michael, $20 million and when Michael would not give them the $20 million, because he hadn’t done anything, that's when they launched the charge of child molestation allegations.

Hear more about the trial at the MJFanvention August 27.

Larry Nimmer

Larry Nimmer has lived the dream of any videographer. His opportunity of a lifetime came in 2005 when he was hired by Michael Jackson's attorneys to shoot footage in and around Neverland Ranch during the time of his molestation trial.

As we gear up for the 2011 celebration, our team had a chance to hear from Nimmer about his views on Michael, getting his project off the ground, and what he’s got up his sleeve for this year’s Fanvention weekend.

Fanvention: Now Larry, you have a DVD that's out documenting footage that you shot at Neverland Ranch during the time of Michael’s trial. What kinds of difficulties did you encounter while trying to release this documentary?

Larry Nimmer: Initially I was hired by Michael Jackson's defense attorneys to shoot a video tour of Neverland and some other footage to play at the trial to show to the jurors, to help in Michael Jackson’s defense. And the film I showed to the jury was about 25 minutes, but I actually shot about eight hours of material at Neverland. I also had other footage including the sheriff's raid of Neverland Ranch. I also have the footage the sheriffs made of interviewing Gavin Arvizo in a police conference room where Gavin describes how he was molested by Michael Jackson, which the jurors later felt he was making up. Anyway with all this extra footage, I didn’t know if I could use it in a documentary or not. I thought it could just be used at trial.

But then a year or two after the trial, I came across Tom Mesereau and Aphrodite Jones. Aphrodite Jones is an author who has written about Michael Jackson and Tom Mesereau was at her book signing in Santa Barbara. I was chatting with Aphrodite about possibly making a documentary about Michael and Aphrodite asked me whether I could use my outtakes from Neverland. I said well I don't know, let's ask Tom Mesereau. He said, "Well frankly I don't know for sure, but I suggest you ask your brother." My brother is a leading copyright authority in the country on copyright law. He and my father wrote a treatise called Nimmer on Copyright. Judges cite this often when they make their copyright decisions. In asking my brother, my brother said yes I can use portions of it under the Fair Use Doctrine of the Copyright Law.

Hear more about the trial at the MJFanvention August 27.

Jake Austen

Jake Austen, a Chicago musician and long-time publisher of the music zine Roctober, will be a presenter at the MJFanvention2011 when it comes to town August 26 - 28 at the Inn of Chicago.

Austen's presentation on August 27 is entitlted "BIG BOY: Michael Jackson in Chicago". The presentation will tell little known tales of the Jackson Five’s excursions into the Windy City in the late 60s. Through rare images, recordings. video, documents, and collected oral histories the presentation will cover the young siblings’ experiences in Chicago nightclubs, their recording session for their first single, "Big Boy," an earlier recording session, the South Side theater show that led them towards Motown, and more. These fascinating stories help fill in the gaps between Gary gestation and Motown maturity.

The Jackson 5, with Michael on lead, performed throughout the South Side night club scene. The clubs included the High Chapparral, Guys and Gals, Central Park Theater, the Green Bunny, the Met Theater and of course, the original Regal Theater.

None of the clubs still exist but the event will include a tour for participantss to some of the sites and to Jackson’s home and other sites in Gary.

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