International King of Pop Fanvention™
August 29-31 2013
Chicago, IL
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It was a success!

Third Annual MJFanvention ends on high note

The MJFanvention2012, the third in the annual event, ended on August 26 with attendees singing to "You Give Me Butterflies" and creating origami butterflies to symbolize the life of Michael Jackson. The weekend of the MJFanvention left many attendees uplifted and informed about the King of Pop. Dr. Cherylin Lee, who worked with Michael Jackson to adjust his health through natural means, talked about her last days with the star. "There was nothing wrong with Michael. He just wanted to sleep," said Lee refuting reports that the singer was ill during his last few months of life. Lee did say she wanted to get him to have a better and more nutritious diet. "He ate trail mix and Kentucky Fried Chicken."

Lee also said that the entertainer told her that he met a doctor that said he could put him to sleep using the now infamous drug that killed him. Lee said she told him that anyone that would administer that drug outside of the proper hospital environment was not his friend and not to do it.

Days before his death the singer got in contact with her again after using the drug to tell her he was hot on one side and cold on the other. She knew then that he was experience side effects of the drug. Several days later, he was dead.

Lee said she is still going to court to testify in the civil trial.

8/31/2012 12:00:00 AM

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MJFanvention™ 2013 • August 29 - 31, 2013 • Chicago, IL

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